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Quality management concept

  • The company has more than twenty years of experience of cooperation with world-renowned companies, knowing and learning the advanced quality management requirements.
  • Adhering to the quality management ideas of "prevention first", focusing on process design, emphasizing the process control.
  • Skilled use of quality tools such as fool-proof, PFMEA, MSA, SPC, etc.
  • Continuous improvement activities on a regular basis, to achieve the benign development of the quality system.


1、ISO9000 certification of quality system(Initial Accreditation: 1999)

2、ISO14000 system certification(Initial Accreditation: 2006)

3、OHSAS18000 system certification(Initial Accreditation: 2006)

4、TS16949 quality system(Initial Accreditation: 2009)

5、EN15085 CL1 system certification(Initial Accreditation: 2009)

6、ISO3834 system certification(Initial Accreditation: 2012)

7、Certification of Military quality management system(Initial Accreditation: 2012)

ERP management system

  • Technical support by Tianjin University Management College , Self-developed completed;
  • Making it in accordance with the company situation; After three years of development and testing, use at the end of 2010;
  • At present running well, efficient and stable protection the company’s daily operations.

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